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4/1/19 ***URGENT*** ***URGENT*** ***URGENT*** Webervations is no longer available as of midnight 3/31/19. Your connection to the Webervations online booking platforms is no longer available and you are no longer able to receive bookings and online payments via the the Webervations booking engine. If you are live on eviivo suite, or have already scheduled a Go Live appointment, your data has been migrated or will be migrated shortly. If you have subscribed to eviivo but have not yet scheduled a Go Live appointment, you will be able to access your guest and booking data via eviivo suite once migrated. However, as of midnight 3/31, your business will be offline until you complete the necessary migration steps. If you want to minimize any downtime, please schedule your final Go Live appointment as soon as possible, bearing in mind that a high level of last-minute entries are already building up into a waiting list. Please contact: as soon as possible.

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